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Swedish Relaxation

We understand that stress comes in many different forms. Because we know the importance of calming down, we use a range of Swedish massage techniques customized to address your specific needs. We can help clear your mind and ease the stress of everyday life with a relaxation massage.

Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release

Over time, fascial tissue can cause muscles to become stuck, leading to postural misalignments. This kind of therapy is designed to target the deepest layer of your muscle tissue to help correct bad posture. It is also great for individuals who experience chronic muscle tension.

Whether you’re stuck behind a desk or on your feet all day, deep tissue massage or myofascial release is perfect for you. This massage therapy can improve your blood circulation and significantly reduce the occurrence of headaches and/or muscle spasms.

Sports Medicine

If you’re a runner, cyclist, bodybuilder, or someone with a physically demanding job, sports massage may be just the type of therapy you need. This modality helps you reach your fitness goals by focusing on the following:

  • Releasing Muscle Tension
  • Reducing Muscle Fatigue
  • Assessing Range of Motion
  • Increasing Your Overall Flexibility
  • Reducing Possible Injury
  • Helps To Improve Circulation 

Trigger Point

The body can often develop sore, painful knots due to chronic tension. Trigger point therapy is designed to target specific areas of your body that ache due to a lack of proper blood circulation. This modality can help improve blood flow to the affected muscle and increase your range of motion in areas that may have become tense over time.


We understand the importance of good prenatal care for expectant mothers. As such, we take pride in assisting you along the way. Prenatal massage addresses lower back pain, sciatica, swollen feet, and more. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your child. Since each trimester has its unique challenges, we want to provide the comfort and relief you and your baby need.


  • 60 mins session - $70
  • 90 mins session - $100
  • 120 mins session- $140

Enhancement Menu

Add ons– ($10)


Hot Stone

Analgesic Application

Micro Body Polish

Signature Foot Scrub

Rapid Percussion Relief

CBD Therapy – ($18)

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